Toxin és tarmen

toxin és tarmen


As many of you already know, I have terminal cancer, and have had a fundraising campaign to raise money for treatment abroad, as the Norwegian health system can no longer help me, only provide soothing treatment. There I got 54 kr! So now Van óvszer, meleg vagyok almost halfway to a treatment!

Super good!! I am very grateful for all the contributions, comments, good thoughts and prayers you contribute with. That warms my heart! In May, Toxin és tarmen was in Mexico and got immunotherapy, and I was planning a new round there, but that's not the case now. This summer, the cancer grew very quickly, and I, in collaboration with the doctors at Ullevaal hospital, decided to receive soothing radiation treatment. It was only first aid, but they said it would give me a few months before it started to grow again, and it has started to do so now.

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I also received an intravenous treatment with an antibody that could slow the growth of one type of breast cancer. In order to get that treatment I had to accept chemotherapy, which is a pity, otherwise I wouldn't get that treatment, so I did some rounds of chemotherapy.

As a result, the chemo toxin és tarmen destroyed the starting immunotherapy in Mexico, which costNOK out of my own rák szarkóma lényege. Then it becomes too costly to start over in Mexico, since it often requires four to five treatments to recover.

Thomas Rauwhich has good results. They work together toxin és tarmen find the causes of the cancer and address them. I think that's good. I got cancer inbreast cancer, and colon cancer with spread to the liver. I underwent several life-threatening surgeries, and also six months on chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy regimen, breast toxin és tarmen mutated, spreading to lymph under the arm.

I managed to keep it in check for many years, but it came back more and more. There is now spread of breast cancer to lymphs in both armpits, lungs and liver: Stage 4 breast cancer.

Colon cancer has also come back somewhat. They cannot operate. So it's important to find out WHY I keep relapsing all the time, rather than just operating the organs and removing the tumors. I am endlessly grateful for the Norwegian health care system, they have saved my life.

Szippantós, szippantó kocsi

But what do I do when they can't help me anymore? The doctors at the hospital do a fantastic job, but it may seem that we are lagging behind compared to some other countries. It is an incipient epidemic, all this cancer and the chronic diseases, which it seems we are not equipped for yet.

Alkalmazása terhesség alatt, illetve cukorbeteg, liszt - és laktóz érzékeny személyeknek is javasolt.

I wish the scientists and doctors here good luck in the important battle they are doing, I am sure that they will be updated soon, you only see the work done with the immunotherapy that things happen. However, I do not have time to wait for it.

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So Toxin és tarmen turn to you, my fellow people, and ask. Do you have any opportunity to help me?

toxin és tarmen nyaklánc szívféreg ellen

All contributions are valued endlessly! Small or large. As a proud Norwegian, it is a bit hard to go out and ask for money from others, but with the exception of my beautiful daughter and a stepfather who has given me what he can, I am all alone. The bank won't give me a loan beyond that I can cash out a credit card, but then what?

I'm pretty broke now, have spent many years using what I have on various cures and medications. Nothing really helped, and now I need help. After all, I have not been able to work up any capital since I have been ill since I was 16, and due to unsatisfactory living conditions in Oslo, I have to live in a cabin in Sweden half the time. I don't have much time left toxin és tarmen I die if I don't get the right treatment, because I have three different types of breast cancer, and it's just one type they can provide treatment for.

Unfortunately, it is in the nature of cancer that it is growing, and they have used up all the weapons they have here toxin és tarmen the country. You are all I have. I sit and feel a pride and respect for this country, and admire all of you who get up early in the morning, be it fishing along the coast or taking the tram to work in the city, and contributing with their services.

I would like to join, and my greatest desire is to get well, and give something back to my community soon, in my own way. Maybe we can create something nice together. I see that Shaman Durek says you have cancer because you choose it toxin és tarmen.

It may be, but I think it's a slightly nuanced picture, there are many szemölcsök a homlokán involved.

I had a traumatic childhood, experienced childhood abuse, mercury poisoning, hospitalizations, surgeries, infections and the like, and got ME chronic fatigue syndrome as a 16 year old. There have been good periods, but after a vaccine attempt in the military in 91, my immune system was further damaged, and I ended up with admission to the National Hospital. After that I never recovered.

toxin és tarmen crevni paraziták kod dece slike

Has also been diagnosed with boreolosis, amalgam damage, monkey virus, Epstein Bahr virus, ulcerative colitis, thorium poisoning and more. So basically, who is this "I" who chooses the cancer? When was that choice toxin és tarmen I really hope the cancer treatment goes forward, so no one else has to go through the "torture treatments" that I have been through.

I have had chronic diarrhea for many weeks now, which is unfortunate as I do not take up nutrients and medications, but it is a side effect of the intravenous treatment. To illustrate some of the side effects, I am going to tell you how the night has toxin és tarmen, it's not something you think about being healthy, I thought it was just things that happened to others - a patient, that's not me. I just lie in bed all night, without sleeping. I have been doing this since the surgery and treatment in I do not know why A hpv torokrákot okozhat have total insomnia, but they operated away the ovaries as well, so it may have something toxin és tarmen do with it.

toxin és tarmen a helmint fejlődésének szakaszai

Now I also have pneumonia, so it is difficult to breathe, just becomes a superficial breath, which is hard to take. Another toxin és tarmen effect of the treatments is chemical pneumonia, so it can be that. I also got colostomy after an operation that went wrong, and now it is pouring diarrhea water from my stomach, it is fortunately in a bag then, but it may smell a bit.

I also have an internal quake, and I'm cold-sweating, the quilt gets damp and I have to change the bedding. The hands and feet have nerve damage after the cell poison, and I have to constantly stretch the tendons and muscles throughout my body, especially the right shoulder and neck, because the cancer has grown into the skeleton and chest, everything has grown toxin és tarmen, and pulls in many directions.

Another thing that can happen with an colostomy is that the amputated intestinal trunk from the rectum and upwards, which is thus not in use, it can still produce intestinal juices, it does not forget that it is a colon even if it has been sewn back into a end, but these intestinal juices do not come out of the rectum in the normal way, I no longer have control of the rectum muscles, at least not those who have cramped.

The anus muscles go into a kind of cramp, permanently, and then nothing comes out, that's for sure. A lot of this intestinal juice has been stored, so it has become a hard lump pressing on the back.

toxin és tarmen reddie giardia fertőzés

Sometimes it is painful. I have sought help at the hospital, but they couldn't help me with toxin és tarmen.

Szennyvíz szippantók, szennyvízszippantás

Now it also has the intestinal stump diarrhea, so in addition to the hard lump from before, it also now makes faster intestinal juice, so now the pressure is unbearable, and I have to get to the bathroom I know. Oh, oh I just manage to get to the kitchen, it's such incredible pain, I had no idea it could hurt so much, and I have to crawl around trying to get the help of gravity by standing on my hands against the stove, but nothing helps.

I'm thinking I hope I don't vomit, because I'm nauseous, and I toxin és tarmen sore throats due to a virus I think. So, finally something comes out, and oooops, it's a nasty beige smelly liquid mass on the kitchen floor I get to the bathroom, because it's impossible to pee when it bursts like that from the gut, but eventually it goes Oh my, I'm thinking, what happens if I get such a seizure on the train? Then tomorrow comes, and Toxin és tarmen will start on diet regimens and take the 63 different medications and supplements I have to take, but it is difficult now, so I need to get to a good clinic.

I really want to live, there is so much exciting happening now, and new generations are coming, and maybe I will have grandchildren too? Hope it is not over yet. Sincerely, from my heart.

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